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Merry Christmas

I hope you all have had a truly joyous Christmas. Over here there was much relaxing, even as we feasted on some empanadas and enchiladas for our Christmas meal. I suppose that’s what you do when you live in Texas and it’s about 75 degrees on Christmas day.

Now I’m catching up on some 24 and enjoying some leftovers which, by the way, are pretty delicious.

How did you spend your day?

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img_7220You have about a day left – have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I can happily say, “I have not.”

I don’t know what is with me this year. I’m typically an anti-commercialized-holidays kinda guy, but there’s usually a soft spot inside of me for Christmas and spreading a little “Christmas cheer” to those I care about. But I guess the cynicism has caught up to me this year.

I think what it is is that I don’t like having my arm twisted into being “thoughtful,” or spending my money to show my care, which is what I feel like the retail world is telling me, and what I’ve often told myself.

I do like giving gifts. I just don’t like being told do it because it’s the thing to do. And I usually end up buying junk no one needs (or wants), more to appease my guilt than to spread love and show some care.

So I want to stop it for myself. This is just me. If I want to give gifts I want to do it on my terms. Nonetheless, merry Christmas, all!

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My tie this morning screams “I’m wearing a tie simply for the sake of wearing a tie.”


“Not only am I colorblind, I’m also fashionblind and, you know, coolblind.”

And I love it.


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Save Me

I’m sitting here at the local public library, a place which I normally love. Today, however, it’s sapping the life out of me. I’m sharing one of only a few tables with working outlets available for laptops with a guy I’ve never met. He’s focused. I think he’s working on Organic Chemistry. I don’t really know because I stopped believing in taking science classes a while back.

The librarians are tough here. I usually remember them being pretty sweet, kind, understanding… Today, they’ve been glaring at people, giving the evil eye for stray cell phone rings, “shh”ing all over the place and punching little kids in the face. Oh, to be illiterate today.

I’m horribly distracted being here, which is saying something because I left home searching for refuge from the distractions there. I can’t win.


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I realize my posts are becoming fewer and further between – I hope to remedy that soon. It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks (at least in my head) but I hope to either share what’s happening or make up something exciting very soon!

In the meantime, if you live in or around the Houston area, feel free to join us for a lovely evening of worship tonight.


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