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I haven’t written anything substantial ever in a while. I’ve been a combination of busy, tired, thoughtful but uncreative. Here’s hoping to break out of that rut fairly quickly.

Yesterday or today (Tuesday) has been an odd day. Not terrible, but not very enjoyable. Lot on my mind, my allergies acting up, the insufferable Houston heat all made for “one of those days”. So, in honor of my annoying thoughts, sneezes and sweat I offer the top ten nine things I’m happy about right now.

    9. For those in Houston, please tell me you saw/felt/enjoyed the thunderstorm tease this afternoon. After the heat that opened up the afternoon it was a welcome sight to have the sun hidden a littler earlier thanks to some dark clouds rolling in. The breeze that came with it couldn’t have been better timed, either.

    8. At work, a company tried to send a shipment containing “Oxigen.” That made me laugh. And then I had the package sent back to the shipper.

    7. Half Price Books is by far my favorite store. On the planet.

    6. Universal Remotes. Aren’t they great? Several years ago I purchased a TV from my Genius Photographer friend Aaron. Well, since then, the provided remote is no longer responsive and the buttons on the TV itself are merely decoration. Enter Universal Remote. I haven’t tried it yet, and I’m not certain how, but deep down I know that this remote will single-handedly change my life.

    5. Monday was the annual Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale. Sometimes you can find good deals but often it seems they knock down a few bucks and sucker you in with colorful signs and balloons. However, on Monday, I did pick up a new gig bag for Rich for half the cost and I picked up several Monster cables for $10 a piece. Not too bad.

    4. Four day work week.

    3. My brother Tim was responsible for putting together a video lesson for KidsLife this past weekend so he, my brother Sam and I spent the last couple of weeks putting together the following. Well, Tim did most of it but I sure do like to take credit.

    2. Next week I’m taking three days off work. Three glorious days.

    1. I will spend those three days in Oklahoma to attend a wedding and be among family and friends. I especially look forward to (hopefully) seeing and hanging out with some of the best friends a guy can have. (I’m looking at you, Roommate Tanner, Kitt, and Brother Jared.) And let’s not forget my little sister Shelly Preslar.

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I’m cleaning my room (again, because my room can never actually stay cleaned) and I’ve decided that I have more clothes than I wear or care to have. I have shirts and pants hanging in my closet that I haven’t touched in months except to push further down the rack and t-shirts rolled up in a dresser that I no longer want associated with my wardrobe.

In that effort, say goodbye, clothes! Forget nostalgia, forget vain aspirations of “one day wearing that again” – if I’m going to be crowded in my room I’d rather be surrounded by my guitars, music gear and books, not old clothes.

Edit: The clothes aren’t going to be thrown away, just donated so someone else can benefit from them.

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Yeah, if ever I thought I put a lot of effort into anything I did… I surely did not.

or watch it in better quality on Vimeo.

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I’m long overdue to post something substantial on here but I’m a little on the tired side so I’m going to summarize my activities and my thoughts as I recall them.

    -I bought Gavin’s new album as well as Augustana’s on Saturday. I’ve been waiting for Gavin DeGraw’s new record for a while now. I loved Chariot and Chariot Stripped so I was looking forward to this. He’s got a great sound and after the first complete listen, the tracks don’t grab you the way the tracks off his first album did. I think it’ll take a few listens to full grow on me but I know the greatness lies within. Listening to Augustana now. I like it. I needed a break from the (nothing-but) folk music in my life. They bring a little emotion to their rock and don’t hold the melody back. I appreciate that.

    -As great as the iTunes Store is, I think I prefer buying a physical CD still. I don’t know if it’s my freedom to rip the album any way I prefer without DRM or having the liner notes in front of me. I do have to find a place for all these jewel cases, though.

    HYPF had its annual Kickball day. It was a great night as far as the fun and weather were concerned. A lot of people came out, it was a beautiful day/night and many hot dogs were consumed.

    -I slept for the night and now it’s Monday. Already. I’m still tired so this may continue not making sense.

    -I went to the dentist today. I don’t enjoy my dentist experiences. They’re not terrible, they’re just not pleasant. Got the ol’ braces tweaked for another 8 weeks, so, I should be feeling the pain sometime tonight or tomorrow. Excellent.

    -I don’t watch much TV. Well, normal TV. Like, when stuff actually airs. I don’t watch that. I end up watching TV shows on DVD. And those are only shows I like or hear I’m going to like. And they’re also the only ones which are on sale. So in recent months I’ve seen a lot of Smallville, The West Wing and 24. Nothing else is good. Or on sale.

    -I did just buy LOST like 10 minutes ago because it finally went on sale on Amazon.com. I love stuff on sale.

    -I have two days off of work this week and I’m really thrilled about it. I look forward to doing a whole lot of nothing, playing some music and quite possibly going to the museum.

    Kitt Bender is a fantastic musician and an even better friend. He’s encouraging me to write more songs (or at least finish them) and it’s very helpful even though I’m about four songs in debt to him. I think this week may find some creativity inside of me.

    -I like writing songs while listening to others’ songs. Not sure why. Maybe I’m subconsciously plagiarizing. If so, I should write while listening to this guy.

    -Ah, it’s time for work. It’s Monday.

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I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been both busy and mentally congested. However, both my schedule and brain are clearing up so I’ll continue sharing useless nonsense soon!

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