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I jotted this down in a journal almost five years ago. Funny how so much has changed since then; yet, here I am challenging myself anew with it.


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The bulk of my memories of Michael Jackson and his brilliant music come from his Dangerous era. I remember the video premieres for “Black And White” and “Remember The Time” clearly.

I think my earliest memory goes back to one day in elementary school, some time in the 80s, when all of the kids were piled into the cafeteria for some sort of assembly. I don’t recall much of what was said but I do remember a screen at the front where MJ’s “We Are The World” music video was played for us. I remembered that moment, I remembered the song, I remembered the melody. Not a lot of songs can hold up to that much time passing, but there this was – TV theme songs and MJ, cemented away in my head.

I don’t remember ever seeing the video again since that day, though I’ve heard the song in recent years. YouTube brought back some delightful memories tonight. I didn’t realize at the time how high-caliber the artists who sang along were. Killer lineup.

(I especially like that Bob Dylan has a nice part. He doesn’t fit at all [and sounds kinda terrible here] but I still love him.)

Thanks, MJ.

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Rest In Peace.


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Dangit. I went to the dentist today and totally fell asleep in the chair. When I woke up I had this:


That‘s gonna leave left a mark.

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Psalm 130

Help, GOD—the bottom has fallen out of my life!
Master, hear my cry for help!
Listen hard! Open your ears!
Listen to my cries for mercy.

If you, GOD, kept records on wrongdoings,
who would stand a chance?
As it turns out, forgiveness is your habit,
and that’s why you’re worshiped.


I pray to GOD—my life a prayer—
and wait for what he’ll say and do.
My life’s on the line before God, my Lord,
waiting and watching till morning,
waiting and watching till morning.

O Israel, wait and watch for GOD—
with GOD’S arrival comes love,
with GOD’S arrival comes generous redemption.
No doubt about it—he’ll redeem Israel,
buy back Israel from captivity to sin.

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I’m stealing this post from my abandoned Myspace blog, written April 24, 2007, a much simpler time.

Ok, TV played a semi-prominent role in my childhood as is true for many of my friends and, thus, there are a lot of emotions and pleasant memories tied to certain shows. Unfortunately, I believe that this is no longer true for many of today’s youth. Today’s children’s programming appears very shallow, teaches nothing, and seems poorly thought out. What happened?

Well, thanks to the ever-amazing YouTube, I’ve been able to locate some shows which I haven’t seen in 10-15+ years and take a wonderful trip back in time. Please – do join me.

What I find most fascinating is my attachment to the theme songs of these shows. I haven’t heard them in years but they’ve never quite left me. And the first few notes send me racing back to the days of my youth, lying on the carpet and glued to the TV. Here I offer a brief smattering of my youthful delight. Let me know if you were raised on these shows or do tell which ones won your attention.

Today’s Special
I found this online a while back but when I did I wished again that I, too, had a magic hat.

Adventures of the Little Koala
This first notes of this theme immediately take me back. Thanks, Nickelodeon.

and why not an actual episode of the Little Koala?

David the Gnome
This show is beyond cool in my eyes. Full of adventure, the theme song is absolutely inspiring.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Ok, I have always loved this show and I’ve secretly been in love with the theme song since I heard it. I have never admitted that because I thought the song was too girly to love with the children’s choir and all; but no longer – I will say I love the song and dream of adventure whenever I hear it.

Pts. 2, 3 (Can’t leave you hanging)

Happy watching.

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Is anybody else out there not a fan of the Geico commercials with the pile of money with eyes? It took me a while to get what they were doing but after I did, I still didn’t like it.


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