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Lean On

Did you see The Colbert Report last night? I gotta say, the end of the show, where Stephen was joined by Brian Eno (!) and Michael Stipe (!!) to sing Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me,” was more moving than I expected it to be.

Colbert’s great.

Brian Eno is killer.

And I love Michael Stipe.

(I’d have included the video here but it’s not uploaded yet. Sorry.)

The end.

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If there’s one thing my father said when he was younger
To a kid with a mullet that looked like his son
To want and to try is the difference why
Some people will walk and some run

Butch Walker, “Song for the Metalheads”

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I just got done reading Butch Walker’s book and I gotta say that it was a quick, enjoyable read.

I’ve been a big, albeit late, fan of Butch’s work. I think his name pops up more often these days alongside the “producer” or “songwriter” title for a ton of other artists, but I became a fan of his solo album, Sycamore Meadows, a record that’s quite late in his storied, experienced career. I’ve loved his following two albums with The Black Widows and, thanks to Spotify, I’m getting better acquainted with all of his past work.

The book is Butch sharing the stories of his life and career, from his early days in a metal band trying to make it (and actually making it), then falling from rock graces only to climb back up to success again and again despite all sorts of adversities along the way.

He comes across as a kind-hearted person, an incredibly tenacious artist with some pretty legendary mettle, and, as the title would suggest, someone you could easily share a drink with. Do go check out his music if you’re not familiar with it already. Or if you check out his Wikipedia page you can see some of the records he’s had his hand in, just to list a few. For instance, he produced the song “Candy,” one of my favorites from the latest Gavin DeGraw album. This guy’s just all over the place.

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