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Happy Birthday


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Sorry for the many Craigslist posts but this is just too stupid. I’m hoping this is fake but, if not, could someone PLEASE buy this drumb set and send this kid to college quickly?!


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She’s not new but she certainly has her place on the list of under-recognized, innovative musicians today. Imogen Heap is releasing her latest project, Ellipse, tomorrow, August 25. Buy it here.

Sometimes, there’s an artist that fills in the gaps of your musical preferences perfectly. You can enjoy all sorts of diverse styles but sometimes there’s a song or musician that can sum up the reasons you love all that music in one fell swoop.

I’m not an Imogen super-fan by any means but I do know she’s one of the artists I turn to when I need a creative kick in the butt (or is it a kick in my creative butt?). I’m on my repeated listen of Ellipse and I can say that I really dig it. I enjoyed her last album, Speak For Yourself, though I found myself skipping a couple of tracks at times (sorry). So far, no skips on this record. Always a good sign.

If you’re not familiar with Imogen’s work, here’s a brief sample. First up is the first single, “First Train Home,” from her upcoming album.

And to really prove how clever she can be, here’s a live performance of her song “Just For Now” from her album Speak For Yourself. I’ve watched this countless times and it never fails to remind me that I’m a lame musician who desperately needs to practice. Gold.

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Just for the sake of closure, here’s the second and final part of my weekend at the Assemblies of God conference.

Go to bed.

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dylanHow does it feel? To be on your own? A complete unknown? Bob Dylan might know.

A police officer questioning Bob Dylan recognized his name but wasn’t sure it was him.

The rock legend was stopped in July by police in Long Branch, New Jersey, who were responding to a call about a suspicious person roaming the neighborhood, police said.

According to Long Branch Police Department Sgt. Michael Ahart, Dylan had been peering into a window of a house that was for sale, which prompted a neighbor to call the police on July 23.

One of two responding officers, Officer Kristie Buble, 24, approached Dylan and asked him for his name.

“She recognized the name, she just really didn’t believe it was Bob Dylan,” Ahart told CNN. “He was soaking wet because it was raining and he was wearing a hood.”

So Buble asked the musician for identification, but he had none.

Buble and her partner, Officer Derrick Meyers, 24, then asked Dylan, 68, to accompany them to where his tour buses were parked. Once they arrived, Dylan showed them identification.

“Dylan was really cool about the whole incident,” Ahart said. He said he asked the singer why he had been walking in the rain and was told, “I just felt like going for a walk.”

Dylan, who is on a national tour with musicians Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp, was in Long Branch on the Jersey shore prior to his performance at a baseball stadium in nearby Lakewood.



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Hang On A Sec…

Okay, I feel the need to balance out the hormones on this here blog after that last post. As much as I still stand by what I said, let me be clear in expressing that I wish to see this movie as well:

Ahh, much better.

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I read The Time Traveler’s Wife a couple of years ago based on a recommendation I read on an artist’s fan discussion board. It was one of dozens of books recommended but the plot seemed intriguing enough for me to hunt it down in the library.

I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed it. It could’ve done with less rated-R scenes but it was good, nonetheless.

Then I heard there was a movie being made. That didn’t excite me. Like most movies that were inspired from books, I was afraid that the lovely images of my imagination would be butchered by some talentless hack looking to make a buck.

I just recently saw the trailer for the upcoming film.

I realize it’s being portrayed as a chick-flick (and maybe the book was written that way and I never realized it) but I’m now kinda excited about this movie.

Shut up. You know you wanna see it, too.

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