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This may be a silly question but: Does forgiveness count if the person being forgiven isn’t made aware of it?

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It’s all in the way you present yourself, right? Perception becomes reality, it seems. Well, I’m out to convince you everyone else out there that I’m bright, but not just bright; smart, but something more; you’ll they’ll soon see me as savant-like, a brain-god among mere brain-mortals. But I can’t just come out and say it, you know? People have to come to that conclusion on their own. And I intend to help them.

Behold the art of subliminal persuasion…


Confession: What’s really behind all that brilliance…

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It’s hard to resist a new Apple rumor.


I’m a little tingly. Anyone else?

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Yeah, so I haven’t posted anything in a good long while. It’s not so much that nothing has happened as it’s been overly busy in my small world. Or at least it’s been busy to me. It’s probably not busy at all to most of you out there.

-I’ve realized (yet again) that Sprint is both frustrating and helpful. I learned that I’m due a corporate discount on my Sprint account thanks to FedEx Express so I intended to cash in. These days, any discount is welcome and there’s no way I’m letting 23% get away without a fight. I applied for the discount back in March, it didn’t show up my account for a few months, I called, complained, they gave me my missing months’ discounts on one bill, they forgot still to apply the discount to my account so it didn’t show up again for a few more months, I called, got put on hold, got disconnected, called again, sat on the phone for another 40 minutes, got my past-due discounts and now have it applied to my regular account.

I think.

-My sanity is held together most days at work thanks to some beautiful technology: my iPod Shuffle and my Shure SCL2 in-ears. Most days I sing along to the shuffling music but lately I’ve been mixing in some audio Bible, audiobooks, or some Hebrew vocabulary. It’s been a great way to utilize some of the time I have on my route.

-Speaking of Shure can I say how great a company they are? Talk about customer service. I had an older pair of SCL2s that I bought about a year ago. Due to their use during work (which involved me winding them through my belt loop and what-not) the left ear started cutting out. I was pretty bummed until I realized there was a two year warranty on those guys. I found a form online, filled it out, threw the earphones and form into an envelope and sent it in for repair. About a week later I receive a package with a new set of earphones to replace the ones sent in. How about that? I was thoroughly pleased. Great customer service. And their earphones are fantastic anyway.

-You know what’s not so fantastic? Breaking your shades. I have a tendency to break my sunglasses. Not always on purpose, either. I buy these $3 shades from Ace Hardware because, well, they’re $3. I don’t place a high demand on looking good at work. These shades will do. However, a crack always seems to develop on the rim around one of the lenses which results in the lens falling out. I don’t think I hit my head anywhere while I work though that may be a possibility. Or it could be because they only cost $3. I’ve lost about 3 shades that way. I also lost one in a lake.

-I had a virus affecting my MS Office. I couldn’t create new docs or send out anything without the files being infected. Annoying, to say the least. Thanks to ClamXav, though, I’m virus-free. Great tool.

-Today was a gorgeous day here in Houston. Clear sky and cool weather (for us). Almost perfect. I told a coworker that it was great but it’s too bad it won’t last (which it surely will not). He responded that it’s probably a good thing it won’t last because if it did the population of Houston would be 20 million. I laughed, because he was right. If the weather was perfect, everyone would want to live here. You know you would. It’s a very happening town. But our heat and humidity create a sort of natural selection where only the strongest survive. And that’s not you. Sorry.

-I’m not crazy about a lot of worship music. Some stuff I like, some I love, and most I can’t stand, usually because it seems a lot of it is churned out for the sake promoting new songs, and I feel they lack personality, heart, or even artistic integrity. That’s just me. I’m a bit of a jerk. However, I am currently in love with this album. I’m not exactly sure why but I feel this album is sincere. That’s vague but I feel that that’s (sadly) rare in a lot of today’s worship albums. It kinda has a darker sound on some songs which is not my particular leaning but I love it just the same. This is the same group (more or less) that brought us this moving number. This group’s got it going on. Check them out at www.ibethel.org. You can download the album there as well.

-Anyone else getting tired of election coverage? I’m getting to the point where I want neither candidate to win because I’m surely going to be sick of them over the next four years.

-If you’re anything like me (pray you’re not) you’re obsessed with knowing how words/names you see throughout the day are pronounced. I’m also obsessed with correct spelling but that’s another issue. My brother sent me a link to this site. So handy for nuts like me.

Well, that’s ironic: I realized I don’t know how to pronounce the name of the site.

***Edit: Got it!

Alright, it’s time to get away from the computer. Goodnight, all.

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