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Okay, this guy is incredible.

His name is Hideaki Akaiwa and after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan he became separated from his wife only to learn she was still trapped in their home, which was quickly filling with water. So what does he do? He puts on scuba gear and goes after her. Seriously.

Surrounded by incredible hazards on all sides, ranging from obscene currents capable of dislodging houses from their moorings, sharp twisted metal that could easily have punctured his oxygen line (at best) or impaled him (at worst), and with giant f***ing cars careening through the water like toys, he pressed on. Past broken glass, past destroyed houses, past downed power lines arcing with electrical current, through undertow that could have dragged him out to sea never to be heard from again, he searched.

Hideaki maintained his composure and navigated his way through the submerged city, finally tracking down his old house. He quickly swam through to find his totally-freaked-out wife, alone and stranded on the upper level of their house, barely keeping her head above water. He grabbed her tight, and presumably sharing his rebreather with her, dragged her out of the wreckage to safety. She survived.


Too awesome. Read the full story here, because it’s ridiculous and there’s even more to the story, if you can believe it.


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I don’t really have words to say except that this is just horrible.

HT: Eugene Cho

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Tears Stream

Someone I’m following on Twitter posted a link to this video a while back and commented that it was such a bad version, the worst he’d heard.

I have to disagree. While it’s certainly less than polished, this is honestly one of the more beautiful takes I’ve ever heard of this song. It’s hard for me not to get a little choked up at it.

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I’m taking this directly from Shaun Grovesblog because it’s so very good. You should really subscribe to his blog. Remember to do that 🙂


I’m coming out of the closet
Out of the dark
Into a space where only grace shields the heart
From the arrows and stones
Slung hard from the bleechers
By those making sport of the broken beleaguered
Those without sin, I hear whispered through ages
Those without sin can throw insults, lock cages
Those without sin can let loose, but not me
I know the wretch wrapped in my skin you can’t see

I’m coming out of the closet
Let’s start slow: for kicks
I Google my name just to count up the clicks
And the self-gratifying few seconds I pause
Before mirrors and plate glass, a few seconds to check
That my shirt’s hanging right and my hair’s not a wreck
And the lie that I told without any cause
I guess to fill space or get laughs or applause
And the girl in the airport whose breasts could just kill
Her calf muscles bulging, she swished by in heels
And my ring said don’t stare but my eyes were so riled
They undressed her, caressed her and savored and smiled
And then, see this scar? Knifed in the back
For years I’ve been stewing and wishing and plotting
Picking the wound, no, I still haven’t healed
I’ve gossiped and cursed, no, I haven’t forgotten
I fantasize about the day the score’s settled
And Judas is feeling my anger’s toothed metal

I’m coming out of the closet
My insides run over
With self-loathing, self-loving, things best unexplored
With a mouth that pleas charity, begs for the poor
My stomach topped off but still growling for more
My back bent from earning the wages of sin
My eyes gone blind from looking within
My scorecard is empty
Too dark here to write it
I’m needing some grace and I pray
You won’t hide it
No stone in my hand, just a knob and a key
The one coming out of the closet is me

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Watching the BCS Championship game this past week, I have to admit I cringed a little at the marching bands during halftime but that was only in comparison to the teams playing the game. Marching bands don’t usually get a lot of respect. I should know – I spent my entire high school career as part of one.

Fortunately for my reputation’s sake, I was a part of the drumline. I had a blast playing in band and I’m not ashamed to say that. I am slightly ashamed to say that we weren’t all that great. But that’s what normally happens when you have a mix of passionate and apathetic members.

In any case, I’ve always been a fan of great marching bands and great drumlines. Whenever the Drum Corp International Competitions came to town I’d do my best not to miss it. Watching the Blue Devils, the Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard and the Phantom Regiment pull off stellar performances inspired me… to the point of once considering joining a real-deal drum corp.

I was an okay drummer, but never that good. But I liked to pretend I was. Here’s a video I stole from Roommate Tanner’s blog of a killer drummer. I mean killer. I’m too removed from this world now to be jealous. I think I’m more just flat out impressed.

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In case you haven’t heard (which you honestly may not have), it’s snowing here in Houston. Yeah, Texas. It doesn’t snow very often here so we’re all a little excited about our rare winter wonderland.

It’s also a perfect excuse to start up the Christmas music this season. Which brings me to my question: What’s your favorite Christmas album? Favorite Christmas song/carol?

I’m no Christmas music connoisseur but very high on my list sits “A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector.” Classic, fun tunes. Let it snow, folks, let it snow.

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