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John Mayer has informed the world of the release date and track listing for his new record which, if you’re anything of a fan like I am, is incredibly exciting news.

Sure, it’s still a few months away from hitting the shelves but I like knowing that new tunes are coming from an artist I really enjoy and admire.

However, Looking at the track listing, track 8 immediately caught my eye. “Love is a Verb”? Sure, he’s done enough in his career to earn the benefit of the doubt and I typically trust John Mayer’s musical decisions but I don’t think that covering DC Talk’s early 90’s hit is the right move for this album.


UPDATE: To be certain, I checked the list again – quick, fast in a hurry; I threw on my specs because I thought my vision was blurry. I looked again but, to my dismay, it was black and white with no room for gray. You see, other sites had gotten the word and yo! that’s when it hit me, he’ll sing “Love is a Verb!”

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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I’m excited about today, excited about church, just looking forward to all the good things in store.

You see, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude this morning. I learned last night that on the current David Crowder Band Tour, their final tour as a band, the tour that spent not one but two nights here in Houston, the tour that I decided not to attend because I had seen Crowder a few times before and, while they were excellent, I thought I’d be good and save some cash this time around – I learned that this tour had both John Mark McMillan and Gungor as openers.

So yeah. Just putting a positive spin on my morning. Because it’s pretty easy to slip into a state of desperate bummed-out-ness. But that’ll only happen if I think about it. So, like, we’re good.

Yeah, we’re good.

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I’m usually with the band. But there are some moments these days when I get to pretend to be the audio engineer. I enjoy those moments when I’m the sound guy. I’m not very good but I like to think I’m learning. And seeing both sides of the stage, I have a lot of respect for these two aspects of a production.


Band, when the sound guy asks you to play quieter, he’s usually not intentionally being a jerk. He’s trying to make it sound good for everyone in the crowd, so trust his ears and the fact that he hears what you don’t while you’re standing behind the speakers.

However, band, it’s not cool to turn your guitar amps back louder once the sound check is over and the engineer isn’t watching. This only hurts the whole band’s sound and makes the sound guy’s job much harder. Stop doing that.


Audio engineers, the band is not trying to be annoying when they pester you for changes to their monitor mixes. We want to be able to hear what we want to hear so we can play as best as we can. Surely that’s reasonable.

However, sound guy, don’t walk up to my guitar amp, which is conveniently placed near me, and turn the volume down yourself. Like you did last night. You could have just asked me to turn it down and I would’ve obliged. Happily so! But your actions cause me to question your professionalism and qualifications. I think that’s fair. Besides, I’m not even bringing into consideration the persistent feedback that went unchecked throughout the service, the duct tape you used to label mics, and, well, you know… all that feedback.

Please don’t touch my amp.

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If any of you do take part in this deal, please send me a picture. Along with 20 dozen donuts. Thanks!


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… and I’ll admit, I really need to get a life.

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I don’t think you do. My love for the library knows no bounds.

For example, how much money have you donated to your library this year? None? You fool.

Me? Ha! They’ve practically stolen my wallet. Here’s even my latest contribution:

Please don’t call the cops.

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