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Today, we’re gonna check out some music by the one and only Missy Higgins. I’ve been a fan of Missy’s for a few years now, since I heard a few songs released as B-sides to one of her early singles. She sounds great, she writes well and her songs are often so pleasant when they’re not being otherwise fun.

She was in town last week doing a show at the House of Blues and I had to go because 1) I’m a fan and 2) I haven’t been to a decent concert in a while. I end up going to the large stadium shows where they cram a bunch of artists together so that no one artist has a chance to let their personality shine. Missy’s show was a nice change of scenery. It was a great show. She sounded great, did a ton of great songs and her band was particularly fantastic.

Missy’s music is getting out more, I hear, which is great. Here is one of my favorites, a track called “Don’t Ever” from her first album The Sound of White.



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Uh Oh

Uh oh, this isn’t looking good…


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There is a Light

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but didn’t ever post it.


1240I am privileged to have the friends I have. Never have I imagined that I would have in my life the kind of people who encourage me, pray for me, who constantly make me laugh and who consistently inspire me. That list of friends isn’t terribly long but it is incredibly valuable to me.

The inspiration my friends produce is fun for me. Where, with other people, I’d likely grow jealous of people’s talents and abilities, when I see those things in my friends, I get excited.

I’m blown away by their creativity a lot of the time. So, in turn, I try and imitate it. That’s cool, right?

Look at Roommate Tanner. He does video work for the web side of The Oklahoman, NewsOK.com. He’s always done and is continuing to do some great video work for the paper but his creativity has a greater chance to show itself in his independent projects. Check out tannerherriott.com for some of what he gets himself into. I’ve logged away in my brain a lot of elements Tanner uses to produce his work that I fully intend to steal and use in my own in the future because they’re just cool. But don’t tell him that I did.

Then there’s ol’ Kitt Bender. Saying that he’s musically superior to me is not explaining the situation clearly enough. He is a dang good musician. He always has been. I think he was born that way. Can’t stand it. Now, he’s inspiring me with his songs – they’re just pouring out of him, too. Check him out at kittbender.com.

The post is brought about today because my good friend Aaron Svenby has been crashing at my place this week. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years so it was nice to catch up in person rather than by phone. Aside from being a husband and father, Aaron is a brilliant photographer. Seriously brilliant.

Go here for the proof: Aaronsvenby.com.

The truly exciting part is that I know my friends (and I) are only getting started. I see these amazing abilities shining in our lives and I have to remind myself that we’ve only caught a brief glimpse of the brilliant sun that’s waiting to fully rise. And I know for certain that we aren’t the only ones waiting “in the dark.” There are also others I know who, I know for a fact, are destined for a life of greatness, despite the lack of an accomplished “portfolio” yet in their lives.

There are quite a few of you who realize you were meant to do more, that you’re capable of more than what you’re doing now. I believe it’s coming. Just because results don’t appear in the time frame in our head doesn’t guarantee they will never occur.

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Creative Strike

A thought hit me last night, one I’ve had before: I love creativity. I love when creativity strikes. It’s a thrill. I also love learning something new, especially learning a new skill. And then I love seeing my newly-educated self stumble on a well of creativity previously unattainable.

This creative side is hugely necessary for me. I’d wither away if I couldn’t find a way to express this creativity, if I didn’t have some outlet for it.

The expression often changes for me. I think my default is music. I enjoy design stuff, too, though I’m pretty lousy at it. I’ve only now managed to become functional with video-editing so that’s the latest expression. I feel like I’m incredibly uncoordinated with it, but still, it’s fun for me. There’s so much to learn out there and I’m eager to conquer it all so I have unlimited options of creative expression. Lofty, yes, but I’ll keep cracking away at what I can.

I realized last night that, for me, this creative thrill takes precedence over sleep.

Sleep can wait – ideas have to take flight right now.

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