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Apparently, Radiohead has put together a live concert video with footage shot entirely by the crowd. Such a cool idea. And with the audio synced with the soundboard it can’t be too terrible, right?

Turns out it’s not at all.

It looks awesome.

This is going to be a fun (and incredibly long) download.



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Song Of The Day

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Two of the greatest tennis players showing what they’re really made of. Wonderful!


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I’ve talked about the Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites (PCNAK) before, how it’s an annual conference that brings in a number of guest speakers and worship artists for a weekend of spiritual focus and goodness.

Another facet of the conference weekend is the sports tournament. It’s held at a local gym or school and involves basketball and volleyball teams composed of conference attendees from each of the different regions.

People take the competition pretty seriously, believe it or not, which is… fun. I do my best to stay supportive but, really, I just try my hardest not to publicly mock it. Sorry, everyone.

Well, here’s a video recap from this year’s tournament. We caught some of the games, we talked to some folks in the crowd – we tried to have some fun with it. Enjoy.

(My face being the video thumbnail was not my idea. Sorry again, everyone.)

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Eh, okay, that’s pretty cool.

HT: @goandyrojas

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On Journaling

I once read an interview with Fran Healy, the lead singer of the band Travis, where he mentioned something about how he believed everyone should keep a diary or journal.

Rock stars.

Well, I agree with this idea. It’s good to express your thoughts and it’s nice to be able to look back on your past to see how you’ve progressed. However, it’s a problem if you tend to lose or misplace stuff. Like I do.

So if you’ve seen my journal somewhere, please let me know!

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Sweet Noise

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So, I’ve been a fan of the TV show Smallville for a while now. My interest started around season 4, which led me and my (then) roommates to devour the previous seasons on DVD and then wait in anticipation for the next season to be released. I like Superman and I thought the series was a clever take on it and it really was genuinely entertaining television.

My fandom is waning but I continue to watch for the sake of completing the show’s storyline. I’ve just started watching season 9 (yeah, I know, that’s a whole lot of show) and after three episodes in, I still have no idea what the heck is going on. The story is becoming convoluted and just ridiculous. I hope it gets better, I really do.

What I did notice in this latest episode I watched is Smallville‘s tried and true trademark for resolving sticky situations where someone gains a little too much inside information about the Man of Steel. That person somehow gets shoved down or knocked out or hit in the head or have a seizure or fall asleep or have a Kryptonite-induced hallucination or SOMEHOW shake their Etch-a-Sketch of a brain and then suddenly awaken to utter the two most overused words in this show: “What happened?”

Ugh. That’s how they solve everything.

“WHAT? Clark Kent – you’re an ALIEN?! Gahhh!!”


“Wha-what happened? Oh, hi there, Clark, you ol’ human farm boy, you. Have some apple pie.”

Nine years of that. NINE.
So. Unbelievably. Lame.


Okay, I’m gonna finish watching this so I can move on with my life.

(I’m not really pathetic, I promise.)

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