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I love Halloween. Not so much the holiday or the costumes or the candy (well, that part was pretty great) though. Raised as the good Pentecostal boy, I disavowed any affection I held for this day. I guess it’s safer to say I love everything surrounding the time of Halloween.

This time of year, signified specifically by Halloween for me, always indicated the official arrival of Fall. Maybe it has to do with it not being convincingly autumnal here in Houston until this late in the year. But when the pumpkins start showing up in grocery stores and when crappy costumes make their way onto the shelves, I know cooler weather and longer evenings are finally here to stay (fingers crossed this year) – a very welcome change after our scorching summers.

I have fond memories of Ms. Chandler’s fourth grade class around this time of year. I remember the Halloween decorations and festivities but that wasn’t what got me particularly excited. I loved the need to wear a jacket to school every morning. On those certain days, I loved seeing the dark, gloomy sky from within the hearth that was our bustling elementary classroom, the moodiness of nature that I (maybe wrongly?) still associate with this time of year.

Yes, I love it all. So, I hope you enjoyed yourselves a nice Halloween. No trick-or-treaters came by here which was convenient since we had no candy that wasn’t already expired.

But the other part I love about Halloween? All the candy that goes on sale tomorrow. I’m going to single-handedly make it a profitable quarter for Reese’s, I know that’s for dang sure.

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It’s early.

I haven’t slept much. Something like 35 minutes is all.

I’m going to Dallas today for a PCNAK band rehearsal.


We’ll drive, rehearse, then drive back.

I’m withholding any further commentary because I’m sure whatever I say in my current condition I will regret when rested.

But yeah, totally awesome and stuff.

Fortunately for me everyone I won’t be behind the wheel for the start of this journey.


I can tell the lack of sleep will definitely help my already addled brain function at its best today!


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I had this dream last night.

My friend Charles and I were attending an Amos Lee concert in, what I assumed was, Houston. In the dream, the concert was scheduled to be in the House of Blues but the venue turned out to be some sort of classroom, a low-ceiling, rectangular room with no decorations. I remember thinking nothing of the unusual venue for the show. Well, a small crowd of people are scattered around the room waiting for the show to begin while Amos is at the front of the room tuning up his guitar. There’s a low-quality sound system set up but after a few minutes I realize that nothing is powered on and there’s no sound tech behind the mixer. Somehow I can tell the show’s about the start and no one else seems to care or notice that there’s no sound. I convince Charles that he and I should take over the audio duties and so we get things ready to bring the concert to life.

And that’s all I can remember.

Anyone know if there are any deeper meanings in play? Or was my dinner to close to my bedtime? Here are some helpful hints: I don’t know that either of us are huge fans of Amos Lee. However, Charles is a bit of an audio wizard. He’s the real deal. And… we both like music. And I’m weird.

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This Words With Friends game just got a little creeptastic.

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On Journaling

I once read an interview with Fran Healy, the lead singer of the band Travis, where he mentioned something about how he believed everyone should keep a diary or journal.

Rock stars.

Well, I agree with this idea. It’s good to express your thoughts and it’s nice to be able to look back on your past to see how you’ve progressed. However, it’s a problem if you tend to lose or misplace stuff. Like I do.

So if you’ve seen my journal somewhere, please let me know!

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Can I make a simple request?

Nothing in particular sparked this. It’s just been floating around in my head for a while and I thought it was worth asking out loud.

This is a request to the Christian ministers out there, particularly of the Youth variety.

Is it possible to put an indefinite moratorium on the following:

  • Concluding a message with “I wanna challenge you tonight…”
  • Pointing out our hypocrisy of public expression between church and sporting events
  • Proving the superiority of Jesus with the argument, “When people are in trouble they never cry out ‘Buddha!’ or ‘Muhammad!'”?
  • That’s it. I know, I’m demanding. But I mean well, I promise.


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