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I’m considering changing my answer of desired super power from “flight” to just “insect repellant.”

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Okay, I take it back. Saturday’s PCNAK band rehearsal went rather well and was actually quite fun (not that I didn’t expect it to be fun) despite my complete lack of sleep.

And on a side note, that Houston-Dallas drive never gets less boring, I’ll tell you that. Because it was his car, Joel drove the entire way there and then did the same on the way back home. I didn’t want to doze off leaving him awake all alone so we started the surprisingly exhausting game of “Let’s Get Neighboring Passengers To Dance Along With Us.” We cranked up MJ in the Altima and proceeded to make fools of ourselves to all who had the honor of sharing I-45 with us.

It’s tiring maintaining that much energy in that small of a space for that many cars. But our creepy endeavor was not in vain! We managed to have one other guy violently bang his head and pump his fist along with our so-called dancing. It was beautiful. There was a bond. We owned the road.

We’re sure to take another trip down that fateful road sooner than later, so tell me – do you have any entertaining games for those awfully awful drives? We need ideas. Desperately.

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Does anyone else take on extra responsibilities, knowing full well that it’ll be a stupidly huge load of work, simply because you know you’ll get the job done more correctly (than if others did it)?

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I know Thanksgiving is officially behind us but I can still be thankful, right? No? Oh.

Not that it’s ever really too far from my mind but I was reminded last night how valuable my friends are to me, how so very good it is to have people I can completely trust and be wholly myself with. I am terribly thankful for people in my life who make it all a bit better, all while making me a better ‘me’ in the process.

Lame words but I hope you get what I’m sayin’.

You’s good people. Hear me?

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Amidst the busyness of everything going on around me these days I almost forgot about Imogen Heap playing in town tonight. It’s a pleasant surprise, really… mostly because I’m relieved I didn’t forget and have to go to bed realizing I missed a good show and blew $$ on a wasted ticket.

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I’m discovering that for many things that I do (or, really, attempt to do) there is a much quicker and more efficient way to accomplish the task.

I like to dabble in different forms of media expressions; I’m most definitely not proficient in any but I enjoy it anyway. I can often see a finished product in my head by my lack of technical knowledge and basic know-how definitely slow me down from arriving at my destination. I know there are tips and tricks out there (and thank you to the Interwebs for constantly supplying me with so much) but sometimes I don’t absorb them quickly enough.

However, I can’t make the excuse of not even trying or not going any distance because I don’t know the shortcuts. Better to take the long way than to get nowhere at all.

It’s 4:12 AM and I’m now going to bed. A little project that I was working on (that someone else could’ve finished in minutes) took me forever but I’m sorta happy I’ve (eventually) arrived at a semi-decent finished product. Go Team.

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There’s enough to bum me out about the world and life in general but I’ve gotta constantly focus my sights on the abundance of gloriously wonderful things that surround me. Here’s to that:

-We got up to 90˚ this week down here in Houston. Remember it’s October. That’s not the good part. The good part is that it dipped into the 60s yesterday. I have little faith that the weather will stay this way for long but I’m loving every bit of it while it’s around.

-I can barely contain my excitement about seeing The Swell Season in concert here pretty soon. I love what they do. I love their music. I do. You might, too. Take a listen to some of their new tunes here.

-I’m terrible about putting away my clean laundry. But I don’t care at the moment. That’s good.

-Christmas is creeping closer. It’s weirding me out a little that the year is nearly over but I’m thinking it’s gonna end out brilliantly and 2010’s gonna be one to remember.

-Our church worship team has come to the conclusion that we’re bored silly with the way we play most of our songs. So, amidst other musical attempts that shall remain undisclosed at this time, we’re looking to give our songs a new kick in the face so they can speak to everyone (ourselves included) in a fresh way, maybe in ways they hadn’t before.

-This has been very unsubstantial. I think I just wanted to talk about the weather and The Swell Season. But that’s enough, don’t you agree?

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