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This is beautiful.

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If any of you do take part in this deal, please send me a picture. Along with 20 dozen donuts. Thanks!


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We’ve shared a lot of moments together over the past 3.5 years. You were the only one who maintained my sanity on hours-long road trips, the one who kept me going on endless work days, the one who often lulled me to sleep on those restless nights, you who provided the instant soundtrack to my life.

You will be missed.

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Meet Marty

This is Marty.

Marty lives in Austin.

While I was in Austin last week with Sean Feucht, I met up with Marty as I hadn’t seen him for, what I believe has been, at least a couple of years.

Marty and I went to school together. We played on the worship team there together. He was actually the first person I met who was a part of Music Ministries there.

And he was also the first guy to have me play music with him outside of school. I think it started with some once-a-month services for Tulsa area youth that he led worship for, then turned into a regular gig playing at a local church. It was great. Loads of fun. It even led to some extra cash in my pocket which was huge for me at the time. We did a bunch of church services, played at a summer camp, I got to play on his album. And on top of that, it led to me meeting more people, making new connections, playing at different places; it really got me growing as a guitarist, for sure.

And really, after a few connections and degrees of separation, it’s how I ended up playing with Sean who got me to Austin where I got to hang out with Marty once again.

So, yeah. Thank you, Marty.

[Smiley face]

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The Burn Tour

Last week I got an email from my friend Sean Feucht who was in the middle of his “Burn Tour,” his latest outing in the Burn 24-7 movement he began years ago. He was coming to Houston and asked if I would be up for joining in on guitar and, since I’m always up to play some music, I eagerly accepted.

It was really fun to play alongside Sean again. If you’re not familiar with the Burn movement, it’s a pretty intense prayer and worship session that is scheduled to last 24 hours, or 40 hours, or 72 hours, etc. It varies for each event but the idea is that the prayer and worship continues nonstop for that time. With the help of many like-minded people, Sean has established these Burn “Furnaces” all over the world, conducting these services in the most unlikely of places from Pyongyang, North Korea to what used to be Saddam Hussein’s palace in Iraq. He’s on a mission to share the power of Jesus everywhere he can and, judging from his schedule, he’s not letting up anytime soon.

The current Burn Tour he’s on is similar in style to the long Burn sessions except that it’s contained in just one evening. We played at New Life Church here in town which is full of some really kind, cool folks. This was also my first time playing with Cody Garza on bass and Evan Enderlee on drums, two guys from Corpus Christi who have been traveling with Sean for a year or two. They were a lot of fun, such quality guys.

I will say that I hadn’t played guitar for that long of a set in a long while. Very fun. It was so much fun that I decided to travel over to Austin the next night to do it all over again. And that was another great night. Very thankful to have been a part of those two nights.

Here are a few pictures from our night in Houston, taken by a fellow named Dennis from New Life Church.


With Pastor Dusty Kemp, pastor of New Life Church

The Time For Texas Is Now

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I don’t really have words to say except that this is just horrible.

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