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For those of you who use Google Reader and are fans of the original Nintendo, you may enjoy this.

When you are at your Google Reader homepage, punch in on your keyboard the greatest video game code known to humankind – that’s right, the code that provides you with 30 lives in Contra. For the uncultured, let me help. Everyone together now, “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.”*

Enjoy a little retro awesomeness.

Thanks BoingBoing
*I am aware that on Contra you need to follow this with “Select” (for 2 players) and then actually hit “Start” to begin the awesomeness.

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I’ve been terrible about posting lately. I can say that I’ve been busy but I don’t know if that’s the only reason I haven’t written. My mind has been racing around for a couple of months and it’s only been going faster in recent weeks.

Last week was a nice trip to Tulsa. It’s such a unique place to me. It will always hold a million memories that seemingly never fade but I don’t see myself ever residing there for a long period of time again. The wedding was, in fact, beautiful. A lot of smiles, a lot of thinking, some sadness, some prayer and worship thrown in for good measure all make for another memorable Tulsa weekend. It was great to see familiar faces again. I do have to apologize to Pete for not being able to see him at all during the weekend. I don’t think Pete wants to talk to me right now. Though he should probably know that I still love him even though my actions this past weekend haven’t dictated as much. Sorry, buddy. I really am.

I’m driving with my parents to Dallas this morning (yeah, it’s 2:25 am) for a church conference they wish to attend and I hope to avoid. Here’s hoping the hotel has free wifi!

Again, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been having trouble finding a voice for some of the thoughts in my head. They’re coming, though. I promise.

But it’s not like you really care 🙂

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I’m here in Tulsa, Oklahoma sitting in Kaffe Bona with my roommate this week, Charles “The Great” Hofer. I ordered a Green Tea Big Train (I’m not a coffee guy) but I’m really here to use the free wireless.

Charles really is great. We spent last night recording some music, shooting darts at each other (it was intense) and then ending the night with an episode of Smallville.

The NBA Finals are on but I can’t see the TV from where I’m sitting so I’m watching the game from ESPN.com. It’s not really a web broadcast, it’s just a screen that tells you who’s making what shot from where. Lame, really.

It’s weird being in Tulsa. I say that every time I’m here but that feeling seems to always come along with me. It’s this feeling that I don’t belong here but, at the same, I also feel like I’ve never left. Try and figure that out.

The wedding is going to be beautiful tomorrow. Rehearsal went well tonight. I need to sleep. I think they’re closing down here.

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