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…I wish I could rock with this band tonight.

That drummer is all kinds of awesome.

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What’s Going On?

There’s a Harlem Globetrotters game on TV. I don’t know why. I don’t know where it’s taking place either. What is this game? When I turned it on the Globetrotters were losing to the Generals. In the middle of the game one of the Globetrotters went into the audience and pulled out a 10 year old kid to shoot the ball. In the middle of the game. Then a player goes to shoot a free throw with an elastic cord attached to the ball.

Oh wait, the Globetrotters won. And they spent the last 45 seconds of the game passing the ball to each other and spinning it around on their fingers. Awesome. God bless America.

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In case you were looking for a review of The Beatles’ Abbey Road as if it were a lazily-researched book report prepared by a failing high schooler, look no further! Thanks Amazon.com!

“Another Essential Recording By The Beatles”, March 28, 2008
By Tommy.M (Canada,New Brunswick)

In 1969,without really knowing it The Beatles were about to split but before they released two albums “Abbey Road”that same year and “Let It Be” in 1970.Abbey Road was named after the recording studio were they recorded their albums and it was in fact recorded after the Let It Be sessions but it was released before that album came out,its awkward but that`s how it is.For this album they knew they weren`t a band like they used to,but unlike Let It Be for this album they putted their differents aside in order to make a great album,which they exactly did.Its not credited to be as good as it really is,but its a superior album(at least better than most band`s material that`s for sure)and some consider it the best.Its tricky to choose the best album as they have many unforgettable classics and great albums,but this one has each musicians focusing on the music and playing and writting very well(even Ringo wrote a song on this album and its great).

If you compare Let It Be to Abbey Road there is a big difference between the two as anyone with sense will say Abbey is superior,but in fact Let It Be is often said to be the filming of the breakup of the band and it was recorded before Abbey Road.Yet for this album you can`t really tell that as they sound so great and they were focused to make of this a great album,and what a masterpiece did it become!Still after doing Let It Be,its impressive how they managed to work back as a unit again,or at least make it feel like,anyone who listened to Let It Be will understand me.If not then you learned something!Still for this one,each Beatles did their stuff as they wanted(unlike on Let It Be when Paul told George exactly what to play and pitty George doing what he had to)and the result is impressive while at this point of their career it probably shouldn`t have.

There are many rock`n`roll songs on Abbey Road like the great opening track that is “Come Togheter” or George`s “I Want You(She`s So Heavy)” and its for the better,but there still are some of those fun pop songs such as “Maxwell`s Silver Hammer” and “Mean Mustard” that you can still enjoy.George has a more important presence on the album than on previous ones,his guitar playing is seemingly better and his songs and lyrics are great.Even Ringo wrote a song for the album,”Octopus`s Garden”(inspired by what someone told him,that octopuses decorate the front of their house,just like a garden)and its done really well,he did a very good song,not as good as the other three Beatles but still very good and worth being on the album.Trow in a couple of ballads such as the amazing “Here Comes The Sun”(wich is credited for being the best love some of all time,Elvis Presley himself said so along with a few others)and the excellent “Something”(both written by George!)which are two of the world`s best ballad,and you`ve got Abbey Road one of the greatest albums of all time(along with a few other Beatles album rightfully deserving so such as Rubber Soul,Revolver and others).

See there is more about this album than the iconic cover it has!Actually speaking of the cover it was quite controversial as a DJ in the States(U.S)started rumours that Paul McCartney`s death.The thing is the cover had a few signs that pointing towards his death,tought it was not intended on purpose to.Those signs were Paul walking on the street(on the cover)without shoes on,which is appearently a mafia sign of death!There`s more the white car`s plate at the middle left of the cover reads “”28IF” wich meant to the belivers that Paul would be 28 if he wasn`t dead!Also Ringo wore a black suit wich meant he was the undertaker,you see all those kinds of things(those are the ones I know)and The Beatles knew it was all rumors but how to make them understand Paul was still alive?Anyway that is the dark story behind the cover with all those rumors,quite interresting but not true of course!

The songs are pretty much all great,tought im not really a fan of Paul`s “Her Majesty” who at only 22 seconds is not exactly `The best thing ever`(its not bad but its way,way,WAY too short!To me the highlights of the album are “Come Togheter” a strong Lennon song and the impressive at 7:47 or so minutes(a Beatles epic!Might be the only one they did)”I Want You(She`s So Heavy)”,”Here Comes The Sun”,”Polythene Pam” and a few others.Really its a collection of great songs put togheter.I think what makes Abbey Road so great is that The Beatles have matured as persons and as artist wich allowed them to do terrific stuff .On the second half of the album it seems to be a medley and it surprisingly fits,I don`t know if that`s what it was supposed to be but that`s what many fans think anyway.”You Never Give Me Your Money” is in fact a direct reference to the record industry and how The Beatles felt about it,just tought I`d say that.There are other good songs I haven`t mentionned yet such as “Oh!Darling”(Paul does a good job but I think it might have fitted John`s style more) and “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” but really each song are good and have something different,special and unique.Oh and Ringo even does a drum solo on “In The End” as he felt pressure from other drummers who did and didn`t take him too seriously as a drummer,well considering all I hear before of other drummers I don`t think that this little 10 second solo part will scare them but its certainly nice.

What`s left to say?Well first this might be a little long review but had a lot to say about this great album and I couldn`t do it any shorter.This NEEDS to be in your collection,if you like The Beatles or rock then you need this,really.If you don`t trust or belive me there are plenty of reviewers who can say the same thing to you.Five stars the very least,its that good and you won`t regret it it has great songs,beautifull songs,rocking songs not to mantion great playing and absolutely terrific writtings.Its an essential album and one of The Beatles`s best album in my opinion no matter what you say it won`t make me change my opinion.I hope you will buy this album if you don`t already have it.

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My brother Tim told me about this site that allows me to easily bookmark sites that I want to read later. Sounds like nothing special, but all my normal bookmarks tend to make their way into one “Other” Folder which is soon forgotten about, along with the other 314 links I once thought were important.

With instapaper.com I register and then I have a button on my toolbar with which I can bookmark anything I want to read later with one click of said button. I can then see the links to the sites I bookmarked on my personalized instapaper site. It’s handy. Especially today when I have to run to work but I’ve found some blog posts that I know I want to read later.


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I know I’m years behind on watching the show 24 but I don’t care. I’m sitting here watching 24 season 3 (yes, again) and I must say, this show isn’t very good (and again, yes, I am watching it for the second time). I thought seasons 1 and 2 were good, you know, with all drama and suspense and shooting and nuclear explosions and stuff. Season 3, however, is so unrealistic. And I’m not just talking about the far-fetched bio-terrorism plot. I mean, who writes clever, witty phrases and American idioms for a Mexican crime lord? Who lets the chief of staff refer to the President of the United States by his first name? How has Jack Bauer not been killed (and remained dead)? These questions and more have left me with little desire to watch any of the remaining seasons of this show; I like just a little realism to my television shows. Therefore, I’ll continue spending my time watching Smallville.

God bless you, Clark Kent.

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